Campus Safety and Your College Student

While most college campuses will tout their schools as safe for students, you want to ensure that you do your own bit of research. The precautionary measures you make should take into consideration the students, staff members, and the handling of unknown visitors entering the college campus facilities. In addition to the safe practices and guidelines from the administration, your child should also be made aware of any dangers that may lie ahead and how to handle them properly.

Examine the Safety Elements on Campus

The Big Apple has a host of promising educational opportunities for students. While it can be a great area for students to seek a rewarding education, you want to ensure your child's safety by becoming aware of their school’s current plans. No small town or large city is safe from guns, errant shootings and mentally ill individuals. However, finding the right school with a proper safety plan in place can lessen the chances of your child getting harmed. If the college campus was at fault and failed to keep the students safe from intruders, you can seek solace and advice from a New York injury lawyer.


When selecting a college campus, you want to thoroughly examine the walkways, resident halls, parking lots and academic buildings. They should be adequately patrolled by security officials and should be well-lit. They should also have emergency phones installed in case of shootings and other emergencies. Most college campuses now have ways to alert students of emergencies via text alerts, phone calls and emails.

Campus Escorts

If your child has to travel from building to building at odd hours of the day or night, their college campus should have a campus escort service system in place. This allows trained and secure individuals to walk or drive your student to the required building or residence without harm or injury. The campus should have the phone number available for students to request assistance.


Your child's college campus may also have a shuttle service that allows individuals safe transportation around high crime areas. Persuade your child that she can also ensure her own safety by traveling in groups and sharing her class schedule with friends, roommates and family members. In case of an emergency, others can be alerted to her exact location.

If Your Child Becomes A Victim

If your daughter becomes a victim of a sexual assault or injury while on campus, she will need to follow some important survival tips. The primary concern in cases of sexual assault, campus shootings or other areas of crime is to immediately get to a safe location. When first arriving to the campus, your student should familiarize herself with the emergency exits, phones and rules associated with the school. This will allow her to take proper cover and ensure that she is following the necessary safety precautions.


If your daughter is injured, she needs to seek immediate medical attention. Campus security and other personnel routinely peruse the area to ensure the safety of the students. She can track them down, an administrative official or other student and ask for assistance.

While the college staff, security and administration can do their part by ensuring the safety of the students through patrolling, cameras and well-lit parking facilities, you’ll find that the students can be active participants. If your student witnesses an emergency situation taking place, she should immediately report her findings.

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